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Safe Laser for sale

 Safe Laser is a medical soft laser device that is clinically recognized as an innovative tool for effective healing, suitable for both home and medical use. Thanks to its unique technology, the circle of laser users has significantly expanded because the optical arrangement allows for the safe and non-hazardous use of relatively high-power lasers (30mW-500mW).

The development of Safe Laser involves close collaboration with outstanding experts from various medical fields, ensuring that the created devices meet the highest expectations both technically and medically, providing effective and safe equipment.



Safe Laser SL-150 Safe Laser Machine249 000 HUF
Safe Laser SL-150 Cosmetic Treatment Head19 721 HUF
Safe Laser SL-150 Veterinary Eye Treatment89 900 HUF
Safe Laser SL-150 Fiber optics24 130 HUF
Safe Laser SL-150 Baby Nose Treatment2 370 HUF
Safe Laser SL-500 Safe Laser Machine439 000 HUF
Safe Laser SL-500 Fiber optics24 130 HUF
Safe Laser SL-500 Rubber Ring1 651 HUF
Safe Laser SL-500 Radius narrowing nose treatment381 HUF
Safe Laser SL-1800 Safe Laser Machine1 257 300 HUF
Safe Laser SL-1800 Fiber optics34 290 HUF
Safe Laser SL-1800 Infra Nasal Treatment5 969 HUF
Safe Laser SL-1800 Infrared datper rubber ring3 937 HUF
XTAR Li-ion Battery6 223 HUF

We reserve the right to change prices! The prices listed in the price list include VAT.

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