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Dr. József Gábor Joó

Clinical Genetics

He graduated as a general practitioner from the Faculty of General Medicine of Semmelweis University in 1996. Since 1996 he has been working at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Semmelweis University, as a PhD fellow, clinical physician, assistant professor, associate professor and – since 2019 – as a volunteer.  As he is very dedicated to his profession, he has passed many examinations (obstetrics and gynaecology, clinical genetics, clinical pharmacology, health care management specialist). 


His primary specialization is perinatology, including prenatal care, management of abnormal pregnancies and genetic counselling. 


His main professional profiles also include outpatient and surgical treatment of gynaecological pathologies. 


He also helps his patients with family planning, contraception and intimate hygiene issues and helps them to solve any problems they may have. 


General Practitioner: Semmelweis University Faculty of Medicine, 1996

Professional experience:

  • 2001 – Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • 2004 – Clinical Genetics
  • 2006 – PhD degree
  • 2013 – Clinical Pharmacology
  • 2016 – Diploma in Health Care Management Specialist, Corvinus University
  • 2016 – Habilitated Doctorate
  • 2017 – Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Areas of expertise:

  • Perinatology – Antenatal care, treatment of abnormal pregnancies, genetic counselling

  • Outpatient and surgical treatment of gynaecological pathologies

  • Family planning, contraception, intimate hygiene, solving emerging problems