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Dr. Arnold Dénes Arnold

Surgeon, Pain Specialist, Specialist in Neural Therapy, Specialist in HKO/TCM/Acupuncture


  • Musculoskeletal pain
  • Pain of uncertain origin
  • Chronic pain
  • Injections with natural active ingredients
  • Successfully combines surgical anatomical and functional physiological knowledge with a comprehensive, holistic approach to pain and pain relief.

Highlighted areas:

  • Musculoskeletal pain, pain of uncertain origin, chronic pain.
  • Arnold Dénes Arnold started his career at the Department of Pediatric Surgery at the First Department of Pediatrics at Semmelweis University, then continued in adult surgical, major trauma, and postoperative surgical departments, where he acquired in-depth anatomical and functional physiological knowledge and learned rapid and effective methods of acute pain relief.
  • From the beginning, his healing and pain-relieving activities have been characterized by a holistic approach. Due to his commitment to healing pain, he obtained additional qualifications and professional expertise in neural therapy, HKO/TCM, acupuncture, and Guna Biotherapy to approach and treat pain syndromes in a more comprehensive way.
  • Currently, in addition to the everyday application of active pain relief with a holistic approach, he also focuses on passing on his knowledge, having worked as a director at the Aesculap Academy as an accredited instructor for several years. He also teaches at several certified private institutions. His taught subjects include medical physiology and medical pathophysiology.
  • He also obtained a second degree in healthcare management. With his high professional knowledge, broad vision, and extensive experience, Arnold Dénes Arnold is a unique specialist in active pain relief, providing exceptional help and support to patients.
  • He has also acquired additional qualifications and professional competence in medical therapeutic techniques, including soft laser therapy.


  • Semmelweis University, Faculty of General Medicine (ÁOK) “Medicus Universalis” General Medicine

Általános orvos

  • HIETE / Hajnal Imre Continuing Medical Education University, Budapest Specialization in Surgery

College of Foreign Trade

  • Budapest

Second degree: Healthcare Management

  • International Business Economist second degree in TQM (Total Quality Management) in cooperation with the University of Humberside, UK, and Zeeland Polytechnic, Netherlands
  • PTE, Pécs / YAMAMOTO Institute, Budapest joint organization: 2-year postgraduate HKO/TCM/acupuncture specialization for specialists
  • PTE, Pécs / Yamamoto Institute Budapest: Neural therapy specialization


  • Specialization in Surgery
  • Specialization in Neural therapy
  • Specialization in HKO/TCM/acupuncture
  • Specialization in TQM


  • Semmelweis University, 1st Department of Pediatric Surgery
  •  ÁEK / Central Military Hospital of the Hungarian Defense Forces: Surgical Department and Traumatology
  • Traumatology Department Róbert Károly Hospital, Municipality of Budapest: Surgery, postoperative intensive care unit
  • YAMAMOTO – Institute, Budapest / PTE Teaching Institution
  • MEDOC Health Center
  • Semmelweis University / SE-ETK, MOFI: Department of Morphology and Physiology, part-time lecturer: physiology, pathophysiology
  • SZEGI Medical Center

Study trips:

  • D. Anderson Clinic, University of Texas, Houston, TX, USA, oncological preceptorship program
  • Prostate Cancer Update preceptorship program and Workshop/WS in cooperation with The University Of Denver Urological Dept, Beaver Creek, Colorado, USA
  • UICC, World Congress of Cancer and WS, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • World Congress of Cardiology and WS, hospital visiting, Sidney, Australia
  • IASLD, International Association of the Study of Liver Diseases Congress and WS, Kyoto, Japan
  • CIC, Computing in Cardiology Scientific Congress and Workshop in cooperation with ZHE Jiang Hangzhou University, China
  • ICAC, World Congress of Infectology, hospital visiting and WS, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • IHA, International Hematological Association Congress and WS, Durban, South Africa
  • World Congress of Osteoporosis, WS Toronto, Canada
  • SINO Chinese – Hungarian Medical Forum ( Belt on The Road ) and hospital preceptorship program for TCM at North China University Of Science and Technology / NCUST TANGSHAN , HEBEI and PEKING , CHINA

Scientific qualifications and professional recognition:

  • International MSc. (Master of Science) diploma in TQM/Total Quality Management in English. “The management of the human resources role in the pharmaceutical industry: 
  • The structure, strategy, and the human resource management / HRM triangulum
  • The qualities / TQM role play in the affiliated companies.

„University of Humberside (UK)” a „Zeeland Polytechnic College (NL)” and the College of Foreign Trade.


English – Proficient level based on experience gained in foreign language areas.


  • MOK – Hungarian Medical Chamber
  • MEM – Hungarian Healthcare Managers Club
  • MAOT – Hungarian Society of Acupuncture Physicians