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Szegi Medical Szépészeti Center

Our doctors- our specialists

At our medical center, we consider it important to provide our patients with healthcare and aesthetic services of the highest quality. Therefore, every practitioner and doctor practicing at our center must meet our requirements regarding their studies, experience, and their ability to communicate with patients.

Please share your experiences and suggestions about our clinic through any of our contact channels. Feedback helps us in our work to continue providing you with quality service!

Dr. Dénes Arnold

Surgeon, Pain Specialist

Dr. Anett Gabriella Bársony

Proctologist, Surgeon

Dr. Balázs Berta

Neurosurgeon/Head and Spine Surgeon, Aesthetic Physician

Zita Dobák

Registered Dietitian BSc., Certified Nutrition Specialist MSc.

Dr. Mária Gergely


Dr. József Gábor Joó

Clinical Genetics

Dr. Anna Sára Lengyel

Aesthetic doctor

Dr. Anna Licht

Surgical specialist, Proctologist

Dr. Metin Mericli

Gynaecologist specialist

Dr. Katalin Molnár

Dermatologist, Allergologist

Dr. Orsolya Nagyházi

Obstetrician - Gynecologist

Dr. Rita Rencz

Endocrinologist, Specialist in internal medicine

Dr. Andrea Sas

Dermaotologist, Venereologist, Cosmetologist specialist

Dr. Péter Vancsó

Plastic Surgeon

Prof. Dr. Szabolcs Várbíró PhD, Med. Habil, MTA doctor

Obstetrician - Gynecologist, Endocrinologist