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Get rid of your unpleasant hair once and for all

Are you tired of the constant shaving?

Would you gladly say goodbye to razors or waxing for good?

With the help of Clarity II our laser hair removal treatments are faster and more effective even on the most sensitive areas.

Why is Clarity II laser hair removal different?

  • extremely effective on snow- white and tanned skin, or naturally creole skin 
  • also works on light brown, brown and black hair
  • only comes with minor unpleasantness

There are a lot of horror stories/urban legends spreading about how painful laser hair removal can be. With Clarity II these are truly in the past! Thanks to the Skin Sensing technology there is no need to worry about overheating the skin during the treatment.

Our patients consider the treatment to be painless or only with mild discomfort.

  • There is no more folliculitis! Many people struggle with the fact that their sensitive skin doesn’t tolerate the continuous hair removal very well. Our laser treatment gently and permanently gets rid of unwanted hair, so you don’t have to worry about hair removal anymore, nor do you have to be afraid of the painful and slowly healing folliculitis.

Lézeres szőrtelenítés Clarity II. lézerrel 30% kedvezménnyel

Próbálja ki most kezelésünket, és élvezze a selymesen puha eredményt!

  • Hónalj szőrtelenítés Clarity II. lézerrel – próba alkalom: 8.850 Ft helyett 6.195 Ft
  • Teljes intim szőrtelenítés Clarity II. lézerrel – próba alkalom: 19.350 Ft helyett 14.990 Ft
  • Teljes arc szőrtelenítés Clarity II. lézerrel – prób alkalom: 22.350 Ft helyett 15.645 Ft
  • Teljes hát szőrtelenítés Clarity II. lézerrel – próba alkalom: 22.350 Ft helyett 15.645 Ft
  • Teljes kar szőrtelenítés Clarity II. lézerrel – próba alkalom: 25.350 Ft helyett 17.745 Ft
  • Teljes láb szőrtelenítés Clarity II. lézerrel – próba alkalom: 29.850 Ft helyett 20.895 Ft
Az árváltoztatás jogát fenntartjuk! Az árlistában feltüntetett árak tartalmazzák az ÁFA-t.

What do I have to do before the treatment?

  • It is prohibited to sunbathe or use tanning beds 5 days before the treatment 
  • One day before the treatment do not use the sauna or take a hot bath
  • Unfortunately, we can not perform laser hair removal treatment while taking antibiotics
  • Before starting the treatments the area to be treated can only be shaved at least for a month. Neither waxing nor epilation nor tweezing is allowed as the hair serves as a guide in laser therapy. If we pull out the root, the treatment will be ineffective.
  • On the day of the treatment the use of deodorants or lotion is not recommended

What should I pay attention to after the treatment?

  • for 5 days it is prohibited to sunbathe or use tanning beds 
  • for one day it is prohibited to use sauna or take a hot bath
  • for 5 days it is highly recommended to use sunscreen with 50 SPF if the treated area is exposed to sunlight
  • After treatment, the skin may turn red, but this will go away in a few hours. By following the rules of the protocol you can return to your normal activities immediately after the treatment.
  • the hair starts to fall out within 5-10 days
  • After 4-10 intensive treatments, maintenance treatment may be required every 1-3 years due to possible sleeping hair follicles and hormonal changes. 

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