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Cooltech Define

One of the most sought-after non-surgical aesthetic procedures of our time aims to remove unwanted fat deposits. When it comes to removing excess fat, traditional liposuction is still widely known as the only truly drastic intervention that produces significant changes. Undeniably, this type of treatment is impressive, but it carries risks that have a serious impact on both physical and mental health. Surgical procedures are performed under anesthesia, not to mention the high level of pain associated with the surgery. Special post-treatment care is required, and the recovery time is quite lengthy.

With the advancement of science and growing demand, there has been an increasing need for non-surgical yet effective body contouring treatments. Fortunately, thanks to a deeper understanding of the body and advancements in technology, manufacturers have developed safer, more precise, and, not least, more effective methods and procedures. One such advanced procedure is Cooltech Define, which operates on the principle of cryolipolysis, or fat freezing. It is a non-invasive treatment that targets and eliminates fat cells through controlled cooling. The procedure selectively freezes and destroys fat cells without harming the surrounding tissues. Over time, the body naturally eliminates the destroyed fat cells, resulting in a more contoured and sculpted appearance.



Cooltech - Small applicator 1 pc. (smaller areas for example: Double chin)
69 900 HUF
Cooltech - Big applicator 1 pc99 900 HUF
Cooltech - Big applicator 2 pc129 900 HUF
Cooltech - Huge applicator 1 pc129 900 HUF

We reserve the right to change prices! The prices listed in the price list include VAT.

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Cooltech Define

Cooltech Define is an enhanced version of the well-known, popular, and proven Cooltech cryolipolysis for fat freezing. The revolutionary Cooltech Define cryolipolysis is a non-invasive fat reduction procedure that helps eliminate fat deposits safely and effectively without causing any harm to your health.

Cooltech Define is 30% more effective than the previous model when it comes to treating a specific area. We take pride in having hundreds of satisfied patients who have already experienced this unique fat reduction solution with us. Try Cooltech Define, which is unparalleled and incredibly effective in the world of body contouring and fat reduction!

How does cryolipolysis work?

The medically certified Cooltech Define Fat Reduction procedure combines controlled cooling with vacuum technology in a unique way. During the treatment, the applicator head suctions the targeted area using vacuum assistance, and then gradually cools it to temperatures as low as -10°C, inducing apoptosis, which is the programmed death of fat cells. This activates a specific group of white blood cells called macrophages within the immune system. These cells remove the destroyed fat cells from the treated area, and they are then eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system. The freezing is followed by a specialized fat-breaking massage that helps facilitate the elimination of the dead fat cells.

It's no wonder that the Cooltech Define Fat Reduction procedure is called the knifeless alternative to liposuction, as it not only reduces the size but also the quantity of fat cells. This makes it highly effective against cellulite as well. No anesthesia or sedation is required, and the surrounding tissues remain unharmed, while the destroyed fat cells naturally leave the body.

Thanks to its unique 360º applicator heads, Cooltech Define can be used on up to four body parts simultaneously, resulting in noticeable, localized fat loss with fewer sessions. The duration of the treatment depends on the size of the area and the applicator head used. Treating smaller areas, such as the chin, takes about 50 minutes, while larger body areas require 50-70 minutes.

Even the first treatment can deliver incredible results! However, it's important to note that each treatment enhances the effectiveness of the previous one. A treatment series for one area consists of a maximum of three sessions, with a 6-8 week regeneration period between them.

How do we ensure your safety?

  • The new protective membrane, the two-layered Cool Gel Pad, provides comprehensive protection against freezing injuries with an additional layer of protective gel.
  • There are significantly more sensors compared to Cooltech.
  • The sensors are responsible for temperature regulation, ensuring the correct placement of the Cool Gel Pad, detecting any potential injuries on the pad, and maintaining vacuum stability.
  • The protective membrane packaging includes a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip.
  • The Cooltech Define machine only activates when the chip is scanned, ensuring that a new and original protective membrane is always used.
  • To ensure proper and safe operation of the machine, our staff performs a brief test on the targeted body areas before the procedure.
  • . We take pride in having performed hundreds of successful Cooltech fat freezing and fat reduction treatments.
  • . The safety and satisfaction of our patients are of utmost importance to us.
  • Our combined technologies eliminate both fat deposits and cellulite.
  • We provide our guests with all the necessary information about the fat reduction therapy.
  • We do not compromise on material costs; we use a new and original Cool Gel Pad for each patient.
  • Our treatments are tailored to maximize effectiveness.

Who is Cooltech Define recommended for?

  • Those who desire quick and noticeable body contouring.
  • Those struggling with stubborn fat deposits.
  • Those who want to get rid of cellulite.
  • Those who are seeking a truly effective and safe alternative to costly and surgical liposuction.
  • Those who want to experience localized fat loss firsthand.

Benefits of Cooltech Define fat freezing:

  • Only 1-3 sessions are sufficient (after three sessions on one area, a six-month break is needed!).
  • No surgical intervention is involved.
  • No long recovery time is required.
  • Completely safe.
  • Effective against cellulite.
  • No need for exercise, dieting, or weight loss. 
  • Results can be measured in centimeters, with a circumference reduction of 2-10 cm.
  • Significantly reduced cellulite.
  • Medically certified machine.

Steps of the fat freezing process:

  • The first step is always a consultation with our qualified advisor. . During this consultation, our staff member performs a suitability test and creates a treatment plan. If necessary, a medical consultation may be recommended. 
  • Our expert measures and marks the selected body part.
  • Our staff member applies ultrasound gel to the area and performs a test to determine the most suitable vacuum applicator for the specific body part.
  • To ensure perfect protection of the area from freezing injuries, a specialized gel pad called Cool Gel Pad is placed on it.
  • . Our staff member applies the treatment applicator onto the Cool Gel Pad, and the fat reduction process begins.
  • As the final stage of fat freezing, our specialist massages the area manually and then with a specially designed massaging head.

Come to us for a consultation!

During the consultation, our trained consultant will perform a suitability test and assess your health condition. They will also develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs. If necessary, our consultant may recommend a medical consultation.

* a konzultáció árát, amennyiben a kezelésünket, szolgáltatásunkat igénybe veszi a Klinikánkon, beszámítjuk a kezelés, szolgáltatás árába.

What results can you expect?

The results are permanent, as the destroyed fat cells do not regenerate in the treated area. However, the remaining fat cells can still grow. Therefore, to maintain the visible results, it is recommended to engage in regular exercise, follow a healthy diet, and ensure proper hydration.

Based on experience, the final transformation becomes apparent after 1-3 months following the first session.
Important information and guidelines!

Before fat freezing:

During the period before the treatment, drink 1.5-2 liters of water daily to facilitate the elimination of toxins and the fat cells that will be destroyed later.

Keep your body active! Engage in light morning exercises, take a walk during lunch breaks or after work, and perform some simple exercises in the evening for relaxation! This can help stimulate your metabolism, allowing the dead fat cells to be eliminated more easily and quickly from your body.

After fat freezing:

The combination of cavitation fat reduction, radiofrequency skin tightening, and fat freezing can provide even more outstanding results.

If multiple sessions are required for a specific area, there should be a 6-8 week break between two appointments. Generally, 1-3 sessions are sufficient to achieve the desired results. A maximum of 4 treatments can be performed within an 8-month period. Afterward, it is essential to take at least a six-month break before starting a new treatment series to prevent the treated area from experiencing a shock due to high fat loss. Prior to each treatment series, a consultation, assessment, and documentation are necessary.

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At our facility, you can find everything in one place - from aesthetic
treatments to specialist consultations and diagnostic examinations. Come to us for a consultation!



Cooltech - Small applicator 1 pc. (smaller areas for example: Double chin)
69 900 HUF
Cooltech - Big applicator 1 pc99 900 HUF
Cooltech - Big applicator 2 pc129 900 HUF
Cooltech - Huge applicator 1 pc129 900 HUF

We reserve the right to change prices! The prices listed in the price list include VAT.

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