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At our allergology outpatient clinic, we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory allergies, food allergies, and various forms of skin allergies. There are numerous skin conditions that can be attributed to allergies.

Allergy is an exaggerated immune system response to substances that, under normal circumstances, would not elicit any reaction from the body. These substances are called allergens and can include pollen, animal fur, mites, mold spores, toxins from different animals, microorganisms, food, medications, chemicals, and heavy metals.

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We can be allergic to the following substances

  • Pollen (nettles, trees, mugworts, composite flowers, grasses, cereals, house dust, plantains, goosefoots, hazelnut, birch, ragweed, grasses, mold fungi, dandelion)
  • Animal fur (cats, horses, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters - skin/fur)
  • Mites, mold spores
  • Food (it is important to differentiate between food allergy and food intolerance)
  • Medications (methacrylates, antibiotics, penicillin, barbiturates, anticonvulsants, insulin, iodine)
  • Chemicals
  • Heavy metals (aluminum, gold, zirconium, tin, iron, arsenic, etc.)

Allergens can enter the body through the respiratory tract, ingestion, or through the skin.

Types of allergology tests

  • Blood tests for food or pollen allergies (RAST - radioallergosorbent test)
  • Food intolerance test: Qualitative method for 46 nutrients. Food intolerance is an abnormal reaction of the body to certain foods, which can have various underlying mechanisms. It examines food sensitivities that have developed as a consequence of the immune response by detecting IgG antibodies against foods from a blood sample. Food intolerance is generally not a dangerous condition. However, sensitivity to certain foods can cause very uncomfortable symptoms and significantly impair quality of life. The results are available within 40 minutes.
  • Prick test: The skin is scratched with a small pointed device containing a drop of the allergen. The size of the reaction on the skin can provide information about the severity of the allergy. This test can be performed with up to 30 allergens at once, allowing the identification of the substance causing the allergy in one session.
  • Patch test: Special adhesive tape strips containing allergens are applied to the patient's back.
  • Pulmonary function tests: Respiratory function tests, bronchial hyperresponsiveness test
  • Radiological examinations

The diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases require a comprehensive approach involving the collaboration of multiple medical specialties.

Come to us for a consultation!

During the consultation, our trained consultant will perform a suitability test and assess your health condition. They will also develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs. If necessary, our consultant may recommend a medical consultation.


Allergology - Consultation with a specialist24 000 HUF
Allergology - Specialist control (within 3 months)17 000 HUF
We reserve the right to change prices! The prices listed in the price list include VAT.

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