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Save more than 50%!

Our special offer now includes the first time armpit hair removal for 3.000 HUF and/or the first time full intimate hair removal for 10.000 HUF at a super discounted price for all our new guests!

If you purchase a laser hair removal pass for any (legs, face, underarms, one area, two areas, etc.) within 3 weeks of your treatment, you will get 50% off!

The 50% pass discount is conditional on first time use at a discounted rate!

Our promotion also applies to our existing customers, as we can offer them a 50% discount on any hair removal pass. This means that they are not eligible for the first eligible discounted armpit and/or first eligible full intimate hair removal, as they have already taken advantage of the first session option.

Our offer is valid until 15.12.2023

Our offer is valid until 15.12.2023

We currently have no discounts.

  • Morpheus 8 treatments
  • We are offering a 10% discount on all our Morpheus 8 treatments.

  • FaceTite + Morpheus 8 treatment
  • Now with an amazing 20% discount at our clinic.

  • Full intimate and underarm package
  • Promotion price - 1 session
  • HUF 30 000
  • Promotion price - 3+1 session
  • HUF 90 000
  • Promotion price - 8+3 session
  • HUF 270 000

  • Upper eyelid surgery
  • We are offering an incredible discount, now at just 260,000 HUF instead of 400,000 HUF.

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